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BrowseKingsOver serves as a database for information on the Ancient Egyptian New Kingdom.
This period, roughly corresponding with the Late Bronze Age (ca. 1500 - 1100 BCE), brought forth
some of the most brilliant and fascinating features of Ancient Egyptian history and culture.

Throughout this website the 18th, 19th and 20th Dynasties are documented and discussed: from the
advent of the Theban warrior kings, through the Amarna period, to the rise and fall of the Ramesside
articles published on this site often revolve around the study of various New Kingdom
Through this focus on the royals, nobles and commoners of the time, the complexities of
religious, cultural, military and political life during the New Kingdom become a little more transparent.

This website is a regularly updated work in progress.
The contents of most articles on are the subject of on-going scholarly discussions.
When dealing with such sensitive issues, keeping a sense of object
ivity is always endeavoured.


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